Real Time web applications in ASP MVC 4 with SignalR RONUA Presentation Part 2


Posted by Alex Peta on January 09, 2013 Copyright© from Bing images : Skateboarding at Venice Beach, California (© mgs/Moment/Getty Images)

I held my presentation yesterday @RONUA and I have to say I was really happy to see 20+ people despite the cold weather outside and the meeting place change (our new meetingplace is now Ubisoft’s headquarters) present and I just want to say thank you for coming! I hope I wasn’t too boring and I promise that next time I will try to do better and present more interesting stuff.

About the code presented, the small chat app I think isn’t that valuable by itself and if you got the idea about how things are working then I advise you to visit my Github repo for the TicTacToe Game and download/fork the code there and test it out or if you want to add changes I’ll be happy to accept  your pull requests.

If you want to take the game for a spin, its already hosted on AppHarbor at

As for the slides, I have uploaded a .zip archive for you to download here. 

Note: its made in html+css3 , with reveal.js and animate.css so for full compatibility, open it in a modern browser (I suggest Chrome).

Now let me just point out  a few things I’ve learned by doing this presentation:

  • Its always the small projects that are the most fun;
  • Note to self : I should repeat the demo at least twice before doing it live in front of an audience;
  • You should take on a challenge like doing presentations regularly because you will benefit from it by learning something new and sharing it with others;
  • Started working with Git on Github;
  • Found out about AppHarbour